#BBNAIJA””: Why I Cried Uncontrollably After A Challenge – Phyna Speaks



Phyna, the BBNaija Level Up housemate, recently burst out crying.

She has now explained why she burst into tears after the Close Up Challenge.

On Wednesday night, the housemates paired anonymously and tasked with composing a love song together

They were given an hour to prepare their songs.

As fate would have it, Sheggz and Phyna, who got into a heated argument on Tuesday, were paired.

When it was time to perform, Sheggz sang his verse with a couple of adlibs from Phyna and Phyna did the same.

She did not seem happy at the end of the performance and Groovy was trying to encourage her to watch her energy and not allow people to see her feeling this low.

When the Housemates moved back into the House, Phyna started crying.

According to her, she hates being unprepared, especially when it’s someone else’s fault.

“I don’t like that a human being is putting me off balance,” she said.

Sheggz gets called out by Big Brother for not working with Phyna.

He said he recommended that they plan separate verses.

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