Biafran Agitator, Simon Ekpa Speaks On ‘Negotiating With’ Peter Obi


Biafran Agitator, Simon Ekpa Speaks On ‘Negotiating With’ Peter Obi

Biafra Spokesperson, Simon Ekpa has dismissed rumors that he is negotiating with Peter Obi ahead of the 2023 presidential election in Nigeria.

According to Mr. Ekpa, he would never compromise separatism for Nigerian politics, bragging that Biafra will come to a realization in 2023.

“If anyone told you Simon Ekpa is negotiating with @PeterObi or anybody, please disregard such nonsense. I am too focused to be distracted by compromising our freedom for a terrorist state like Nigeria. I will be the last person to negotiate anything while MNK (Mazi Nnamdi Kanu) is in the DSS dungeon.

“Let me make it clear in case there are some people somewhere struggling to negotiate with Simon Ekpa.

“My negotiations will be at polling booth of Biafra referendum and if that didn’t happen, the next possible negotiation will be after Biafra breakaway from Nigeria by 2023,” he wrote on his known Twitter handle.

See the tweet below:



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