I Started Selling Drugs At 12, Shot 13 People — Rapper Bobby Shmurda Reveals


Bobby Shmurda 

Ackquille Jean Pollard, the American rapper, who is popularly known as Bobby Shmurda, has made a new revelation about himself.

He revealed how he shot 13 people and also sold drugs since the age 12.

The rapper revealed he did all these before going to prison for 6 years.

Bobby Shmurda also revealed that he has been able to turn his life around and is now an entrepreneur.

He wrote, “Me explaining how I shot 13 people,sold drugs since 12 ,6 years of prison and so much more, I’ve managed to turn my life around and become the entrepreneur that I am today!!!!!!

“I’m going to be telling one of the best stories in #History this year #ThankGod

“yo daddy’s daddy ain’t even come like this #Shmurda”

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