I’ll Pick Money Before Love – Nollywood Actress, Eka Duke Opens Up


 Eka Duke

Eka Duke, a Nollywood actress, has done some crazy things for love.

In an encounter with Saturday Sun, the Cross River State-born script interpreter, who is fondly called “Nollywood’s Naughty Princess” made some revelations.

She said, “I know that I am a very naughty girl; my boyfriend totally understands my kind of career and how naughty I could be. He knows that I have to be entertaining in any kind of way.

“I do a lot of dancing online and I feel it’s crazy sometimes. But they are all acting and he understands. I have done lots of crazy things for love. The one that still rings in my memory was the day I trekked alone in the midnight to go help an ex who was stranded on the road.”

When asked to pick her priority among s*x, love and money, the Microbiology graduate didn’t waste time to choose money above the others.

Hear her: “It’s money for sure. Love can come later. Money will not give me warmth at cold nights or on rainy days. The chase is real, trust me; every man appreciates a woman that can stand up for herself and not totally dependent on him. I appreciate love. But don’t get it twisted, it’s money all the way for me.”

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