Night visitor😖



Night visitor😖



Years back when I was in 200 level, it was one of those weekends my roommate often traveled and I was left alone( I really did enjoy those nights alone). I went out to get food, came back into my room, ate the food, had a cold bath cause it was a really hot night, wore my sexiest night gown, cause sometimes I like to feel myself😌. I sat in my bed, turned on my roommate’s laptop to see a movie and enjoy my night.

The lodge was kind of noisy that evening, I could hear people talking and walking around, normal lodge setting, I heard few knocks on different doors and barely 10 minutes into the movie, I heard a knock on my own door, I just randomly asked who it was, not really waiting for a response cause I couldn’t hear anything, it was noisy outside and lots of people had their generators turned on, and so I opened the door, there was a guy standing at the door. It was really dark and so I couldn’t make out who it was. The strange guy told me he was looking for someone named Florence, I told him I didn’t know anyone by that name and as I tried to shut the door, he stopped me and the next thing he said baffled me. He asked me if I stayed alone and if he could come in that he wanted to have a conversation with me, in my head I was like “baba did you miss road? Are you mentally disturbed?” I told him no I didn’t stay alone and please who should check the next door they could know the Florence he’s looking for, I tried closing my door the second time and he pushed it this time, even harder than the first, he came in and locked us in, I was both confused and scared, I didn’t know who this total stranger was and what he wanted, the only light in my room was the one coming from the laptop on the bed and it wasn’t enough to know who I was locked in with.

He started moving really slow and getting closer to me, though it was dark, I could tell there was a smirk on his face, he kept saying “I just want to talk” I asked him what he wanted to talk about, that there was nothing to talk about that he should just leave, then I started talking really loud and screamed “please leave my room, help!” And to my greatest surprise this lunatic started screaming as well, saying “what if I don’t want to leave, I just want to talk, calm down!” I saw that shouting was of no use, anyone listening would think it was a relationship matter and wouldn’t really think it was serious.

It dawned on me that I was really on my own to solve this problem, I ran towards the door 2 different times and he dragged me back, I felt really helpless. At this time the laptop had gone off, it was really dark now, so I ran towards my reading table, took my reading lamp and turned it on and so I saw his face in what seemed like just a second cause he snatched the lamp from me and turned it back off. I wasn’t trying to run anymore, I saw he enjoyed seeing me run around the room, and so I asked him for the last time, “what do you want from me?” And he replied again, “I just want to talk”. I just stood there, he stood still too not saying anything for like a minute then I dashed to the door again this time he didn’t stop me, I opened the door, ran to the hallway and screamed and asked him to leave my room immediately, he just casually walked out and asked me my name and number, I told him he was sick and should get out, I ran back into my room and locked all the bolts.

My instincts got me running to my table and then I discovered my purse wasn’t there anymore, I had been robbed, I mean it was the weekend I had withdrawn lots of money, my atm cards and ID cards were in it too. Thank God he hadn’t taken the laptop and my phone too.

I ran out to alert everyone, the lodge president and others came in, asking me questions and some people blamed me for just opening the door, others blamed me for not screaming hard enough and some others blamed me for not fighting him back with things from my room and kitchen, fight with a lunatic? So I’d end up getting hurt, oga and madam una do well, please leave my room now, let me cry myself to sleep.

I had to move everything I had in my account to another account that night as I waited for Monday to block it, my roommate called and felt so sorry that she wasn’t around. I was just grateful I didn’t get hurt in anyway.
Weeks later I found the purse lying around the compound empty, not even my ID cards were in there. In what seemed like a month after that incident I came across this guy, he kept looking at me, I told my roommate right away and she said I wasn’t sure and this particular could be looking at me cause he liked me and not because he was guilty of anything. I had to let it die. If you were in my shoes, what would you have done?

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